Paramedic Jobs in Dubai

Paramedic Jobs In Dubai

Paramedic jobs in Dubai are well-paid, rewarding, and advance a paramedic’s career significantly. Paramedic jobs in Dubai are often better paid than their counterparts in other countries, and paramedics get to work with superior equipment and facilities and a world-class medical system. The jobs can be challenging to get but, once started, often lead to retention bonuses and a well paid career.

Paramedic Jobs In Dubai

Paramedic jobs in Dubai have just as much variety as anywhere else in the world. With a variety of specialisations including aerial / helicopter paramedic jobs, and plenty of opportunity to rotate between contracts, you won’t get bored. More importantly, if you finish working in Dubai you’ll have skills and references which will be sought-after the world over.

The medical system in Dubai is one of the best in the world. The UAE take great care of their citizens and have been investing in medical infrastructure for years. Paramedics working in Dubai can also easily transfer their skills to other countries in the Middle East, most of which run with procedures and administrative systems based on Dubai’s example. Don’t forget that pay in Dubai is tax-free, and with starting salaries easily into the $90-100,000 range, taking home 100% of your salary is very pleasant!

Getting a paramedic job in Dubai
Paramedic jobs in Dubai are intense positions and employers want to know they’re hiring the best. Paramedics who get the jobs advertised or wh are headhunted often have years of experience as a paramedic, and preferably in a wide range of situations. 3-6 years paramedic experience will stand you in good stead while applying for jobs. Any specialised experience you have as a paramedic should be strongly displayed on your resume, as specialists are difficult to train and valued by Dubai employers.

Experience in secondary degrees ofter your basic Paramedic qualification are a massive bonus and can lead you into negotiations for impressive allowances on top of your salary. In particular emergency management and managerial degrees let you transition smoothly from active paramedic service to controlling and managing teams, which is where the famous ‘Crazy Dubai’ salaries kick in!

Don’t be surprised to get headhunted while working in Dubai if you have outstanding qualifications. With jobs assigned to contracts that cycle through predictably, talent scouts are eagerly watching out for who might become available. Staying with the one company over multiple contract cycles will allow you to negotiate for hefty ‘retention bonuses’ which may end up being equivalent to one or several month’s salaries.

Looking for Paramedic Jobs in Dubai
A great place to start looking for paramedic jobs in Dubai is on Internet job pages. They are barely going to represent a fraction of the actual paramedic jobs available, but they will give you a good indication of what employers are interested in. Job ads for paramedics will be erratic in quality, as Dubai is still adjusting to recruiting internationally through the Internet.

This is a recent change, brought about because medical companies have turned their sights internationally for superior paramedics. Many websites that list job applications legitimately seem unprofessional and badly put together. Look through them anyway for ideas and potential contacts, but approach with caution. Don’t be afraid to contact recruitment agents directly.

Remember that most jobs are filled without being advertised to the public. Upwards of 70% of paramedic jobs in Dubai are filled without external advertising. Instead, networks of professionals share job information and pass on opportunities to their friends overseas. Inside Dubai, the Arabic traditions of goodwill and long relationships encourage this behaviour.

Getting a Paramedic Job in Dubai
Getting a paramedic job in Dubai is about references, networking, academic excellence and negotiation.

Make sure your resume is well maintained. Records of your academic achievements, scholarships, bursaries and awards will all be important in the job application process. At interview for paramedic jobs, expect to answer a barrage of questions about your personal experience, operational preferences and any examples you can think of. Don’t be shy about giving stating opinions about how technical elements of paramedic work should be run, as long as you can back up your statements with reasoning.

If you’re not already a member of a professional network of paramedics, join one immediately. In addition to hearing about job openings as mentioned above, professional networks open up other opportunities. Professional membership is highly regarded in Dubai, and will lead to increased working opportunities and potentially being head-hunted by the ever-hungry talent scouts in Dubai.

Maintaining friendly relationships with people you meet through your job-hunting time is vital. People in the industry in Dubai have long memories and, even if they can’t employ you on the first time around, will remember you in the future.

Work on your Arabic. While it may not be necessary in other professions, being passable in Arabic will help you communicate with the sick and injured, who, despite commonly knowing some English, may revert to Arabic in distress.

Other health workers and doctors normally communicate in English but may use Arabic as well, especially in tense situations. Making an effort to learn Arabic will impress employers. Most highly trained medical professionals will have been trained in English, but lower-level employees may not be fluent, and accurate communication is essential in the medical world.

Remember to keep expanding your networks. Dubai is definitely one of those environments where it’s ‘who’ you know just as much as ‘what’ you know. With so many highly qualified medical professionals applying for medical jobs in Dubai, managers and decision makes will often choose the people they know or have had recommended to them over comparably qualified strangers.

Deliberately network with paramedic jobs in Dubai in mind. Keep relationships open, and return favours granted to you. Never close doors or burn bridges. A good reputation takes years to develop and is as valuable as your education. Talk to medical workers in Dubai and see if they know the best people to talk to. Ask them to keep their eyes open for job opportunities and to put in a good word with you.

Consider talking to your education institution’s relations department and see if they have any contacts in Dubai. The foot in the door is the most important step. Once you’re in Dubai you’ll have ample opportunities to further network.

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